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Mississippi Industries for the Blind has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. This range of capabilities allows MIB to manufacture many different products for our customers. These varied capabilities also allows MIB to provide multiple types of employment opportunities for Mississippians who are blind or visually impaired. Below is a list with a description of the capability. If you have a need for manufacturing that utilizes one of these capabilities, we invite you to contact us at sales@msblind.org to explore how Mississippi Industries for the Blind may be able to meet your need.

MIB has the capacity and experience to perform sewing manufacturing. MIB has multiple types of sewing operations which allow a number of products to be produced. Some of the sewing operations that MIB can perform include felling, surging, single needle chain and lock stitch, bar tacking, programmable pattern tacking and double needle sewing. MIB can also perform some of the associated operations such as snap and grommet installation, buckle installation and other hardware installation. MIB also has the full capability to spread and cut material to a pattern to produce the parts to be sewn together. MIB produces very high quality sewn items currently for several federal customers and these items have very stringent quality requirements with very tight tolerances. Some of the products manufactured include barracks bag, bandoleer pouch, grain bag, and equipment belt to name a few.

Webbing Straps
MIB manufactures a number of webbing straps used to secure items in place on trucks or other vehicles. The straps range in size up to 4 wide. The straps can be configured with different hardware including ratchets, hooks and other track fittings. The straps have a wide range of strength capacities to meet multiple applications. MIB utilizes programmable pattern tacking sewing machines in the manufacture of these straps. The programmable machines ensure that the sewn patterns of the strap are very consistent and of the highest quality ensuring that the strap will maintain its strength during use. MIB also has the capability to sew straps with large, heavy duty thread for those higher strength applications. MIB currently produces straps for the USPS and the Department of Defense.

Cellulose Sponge Manufacture
MIB has the capability to cut cellulose sponge to the size and shape that the customer requires. This sponge could be used for industrial or retail sale and use. MIB can also package the sponge in the type of packaging that is required for the final use or sale point.

Mattress Manufacturing
MIB has the full capabilities to manufacture innerspring mattresses for institutional or dorm type of applications. The mattresses can be manufactured with a variety of padding and ticking. All mattresses meet the current Government flammability standards. Mattress sizes range from twin size to full size.

Robotic Welding
Mississippi Industries for the Blind has the capability to perform robotic welding. MIB utilizes a Motoman welder capable of welding carbon steel with two robots capable of MIG welding. The MIB system also utilizes an automated turntable to increase productivity and reduce production time. MIB currently produces products for the USPS and the U.S. Forestry Service using the robotic welding technology.

Metal StampingMIB employee making mop heads
Metal stamping is another capability at Mississippi Industries for the Blind. MIB has a number of stamping presses up to a size of 135 tons. MIB can stamp various types of metals. Currently, MIB stamps copper, brass, aluminum and carbon steel

Support Capabilities
To support the metal stamping and robotic welding processes, MIB has other capabilities for the manufacture of metal parts. These would include rod bending, drilling, riveting, assembly, soldering, and cleaning.

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